[thelist] Alternatives to IFrames?

Chris Hayes chris at lwcdial.net
Wed Oct 4 10:50:13 CDT 2006

Hi Tim

When you say "doesn't fit in with the way the standard template" how so?

If you're running ColdFusion.. you can cfinclude CF  templates.

If your "stuff"  ;)  is just HTML you could use the web server's SSI

Ideally you should be given a way to fit in with their templates, other than
iFrames which I agree are far from ideal.

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From: "Tim Palac" <tymartist at hotmail.com>
Subject: [thelist] Alternatives to IFrames?

> I've been helping out my company with our new website and a lot of the
> stuff
> I develop doesn't fit in with the way the standard template is done, so
> they've been putting my pages in as IFrames.  The problem with this is
> that
> iframes are notoriously shaky, render differently in different browsers
> (Firefox breaks like crazy!), return you to the main page if you reload,
> and
> also it's an issue getting it to expand like you want.
> What are my alternatives?  Right now we're running Coldfusion on the
> server
> if there's any suggestions involving server-side.

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