[thelist] AutoCompletion with Ajax and z-index Problems

Todd Stadler tstadler at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 20:06:56 CDT 2006


I'm a little late to this party, and it's quite possible that you've
been tinkering on the posted URL's code since you posted this, but ...

On 10/2/06, Stefan Schwarzer <st.schwarzer at geois.de> wrote:
> Actually, unfortunately it's not the MSIE problem. It concerns all
> browsers...

1) Strangely, IE7RC1 does not exhibit this problem (the autocomplate
list getting under the map image). But Firefox does. Just for data

2) Like I said, it's possible that the code that's there now isn't
what you referred to in the original post, but it would seem that the
for those two relevant elements, you have inline CSS defining their
z-indexes. However, the z-index for the map is 6, while the z-index
for the autocomplete section is 1. That means the map *should* be on
top, at least according to the inline CSS.

It's complex enough that I might have overlooked something in the few
minutes I gave it, but that's what I saw.


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