[thelist] Saving PDFs

Rickards, Julian (NDM) julian.rickards at ontario.ca
Thu Oct 5 08:21:24 CDT 2006


I am running Acrobat 7 Pro and would like to hear from a user with
Acrobat 7 Standard. I know that you can't save partly-completed PDF
forms if you have only Acrobat Reader and I know that I can save
partly-completed PDF forms in Acrobat 7 Pro but I don't know if a user
of Acrobat 7 Standard can.

Go to
ish/0198~1/$File/0198+-Jan+2006.pdf, type your name in the appropriate
field and then try to save the form. If you are able to save the form,
please open the saved form and tell me if your name is still saved
within the field.



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