[thelist] Elements of a Web page?

Fred D Yocum fdy at mcc.org
Tue Oct 17 14:44:04 CDT 2006

Printed pages almost always certain fixed elements which are part the 
design of every printed page. All pages have a margin on each side of the 
page which separates the content from the edge. All pages have a content 
area. Many have page numbers, a footer or header which tells you the 
chapter/book title which inhabit the margins. 

What are the fixed elements in the Web page paradigm* ? Items which are 
part of every Web page, because they are part of how we read Web pages. 
I've composed a list which contains all the elements that I can think of 
which might be part of the Web page paradigm. I've divided the list into 
four headings. Any corrections/additions to the list?

Identifying information
Web site Head Information -- Identifies the Web site
Section Head Information -- Identifies where in the Web site taxonomy the 
page fits
Page Information -- Title, Title tag
Footer Information -- Contact and copyright information

Navigational Identifiers
Breadcrumbs -- Where this page fits in the Web site taxonomical path
Sectional Identifiers -- Where this page fit within the overall structure 
of the Web site

Navigational links
Sectional Links -- Links which appear only in the section where the page 
is grouped
Site wide Links -- Links which appear on every page
Content Links -- Links which are specific to the page

Main Content of the page

1 a typical example or pattern of something; a model

Frederick D Yocum, Graphic Designer

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