[thelist] Apache Virtual Hosting Help

patrick pms at stoutstreet.com
Tue Oct 17 15:59:43 CDT 2006

Steve Clason wrote:
> I know so little about this it scares me.
> There's a linux box on my office network that I use almost exclusively 
> as a php/mySQL development server. A friend built it, and it's running 
> Fedora Core 4, Apache 2.0 and mySQL 5 (I think). It's been working fine 
> through a hardware upgrade and an OS upgrade and I've managed to 
> configure the new virtual hosting in Apache that I've needed over the years.
> While changing my broadband provider I added a Netgear firewall to my 
> LAN which caused me to change the IP addresses of the boxes on the LAN. 
> After considerable fiddling and headscratching everything is working 
> fine now except that when I point a browser to any of the sites hosted 
> on the server I get the Fedora/Apache default page.
> I can ftp in to the server, access the WWW through it and so on. I've 
> changed the virtual host set-up to reflect the new ip address of the box 
> but still no joy and I've run out of things to try.
> If this sounds familiar to anyone I would really appreciate a pointer or 
> two.
> Thanks,

Stupid question, but do you have an index.htm/html file at the location 
where you get the default? Check for .htaccess or anything in httpd.conf 
about DirectoryListing directives.


patrick sanders
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