[thelist] What makes a good web site?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Oct 18 13:17:00 CDT 2006

Rob Smith noted:

>>And from personal experience today, sometimes it just helps to visit
>>target audience and watch over their shoulder and see how they
>>with your masterpiece. 

Hi Rob,

I've slacked off on my reading of it for the past few decades but the
Business Review used to be littered with glowing articles about folks
actually left their office from time to time to see how things were
done. [Mebbe someday that kinda thinkin will catch on!]

Anyway, the only caveat I would throw out there is to remember that
those small group 
observations and interactions are not _always_ a statistically valid
sample ... so 
be a little cautious about making 'really big' radical usability changes
to your 
masterpiece without checking with a significant (and representative)
portion of 
your user base.

Peace out,


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