[thelist] RSS Feed errors - encoding issues

Paul Bennett Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz
Wed Oct 18 23:09:25 CDT 2006

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for the hint. I've opened the feed in Notepad and notice that the characters are coming through as '’' (hopefully that comes through in the email ok) which is also the character that Notepad uses to denote carriage returns in some (Unix?) files....

Any hints? - I'm a bit stumped..

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The first thing I would look for is what does the apostrophe look like in the source? (presumably the Database) And then I would track the "state" of that character as it moves through the code and into the RSS feed. Maybe the character is encoded in some "other" form and the readers you are using to view the RSS data are translating it for you into a visual '.

Obvious question - Have you tried looking at the RSS feed with Notepad / Textpad. Something that doesn't do HTML rendering, or allows raw text views?


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