[thelist] Flash Flickering issue

John Dowdell jdowdell at adobe.com
Thu Oct 19 14:13:38 CDT 2006

Mark Joslyn wrote:
> Has anyone experiences a Flash flickering issue when using WMODE?

A search on "wmode flicker" does turn up similar reports, but searching 
"wmode flicker explorer" does not reveal a clear pattern.

Most of the "flicker" complaints I've been able to investigate turn out 
to be when two elements are simultaneously vying for display rights to a 
given rectangle of the screen. There could be a couple of ways to 
achieve such a state.

> My site never used to flicker, but now since I am having Javascript
> drop-down menus go over a flash element, I needed to implement the WMODE
> parameter (wmode="opaque").

 From this I'm not quite sure what changed when... whether those 
JavaScript rolldowns worked well atop SWF before, etc.

A good quick test would be to make a simple sample to test on those 
balking browsers, with just a SWF sent to the browser's drawing buffer 
via WMODE requests, overlaid by an IMG or block of HTML. If this 
displays as you expect, without the flickering, then adding part of the 
current JavaScript back in, to see if this brings back the symptom, 
would be a way to isolate the difference.


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