[thelist] IIS Directory Security Inheritance

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: > the url attempting be retrieved is /Welcome/ so this is
: > odd. As I mentioned, the only thing coming to mind is
: > Sharepoint / .net application - same test on a different
: Bingo. Some digging, and Define Managed Paths > Exclude
: Path results in IIS handling permissions and
: authentication policies as expected.

Sorry - I've been on the road, so unable to follow the thread.

Sharepoint (WSS, Portal, etc) implements its own internal security mechanisms
- you defined authors, browsers, administrators etc within Sharepoint.
Sharepoint uses an ISAPI filter to intercept all incoming HTTP requests to
"extended" websites, and routes them through its own internal security
system. As you've discovered, you can have Sharepoint ignore certain requests
(and have them handled through the normal IIS processing pipeline) if you add
them as "excluded" paths (or remove the Sharepoint extensions from the
website altogether)


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