[thelist] preventing onClick events firing

ben morrison morrison.ben at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 09:08:31 CDT 2006


Im building a small interface where i'm using the DOM to make whole
regions clickable so its easier/clearer for the end-user to use.

The issue I have is that the default behaviour of the radio buttons is
now not working.

Also I would like to include an area where the onclick event doesn't
execute, so the user can select more options:

| onclick here       |
|  -----------------      |
|  | override    |      |
|  -----------------       |

I've been using onclick= function() {}

I'm guessing that I should use addListeners as this has to do with
events and bubbling, this is something i've never used and slightly
confused by it.

I have an example page with code here:


Ben Morrison

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