[thelist] Mailing Lists using PHP

Nick Daverin ndaverin at marian.org
Fri Oct 20 11:04:58 CDT 2006

> Mark Groen wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-10-19 at 19:31 -0400, Nick Daverin wrote:
>> Sorry if this has been covered before, but I can't find anything about it.
>> We're trying to implement an automated mailing list via php/mysql and 
>> mail() just isn't cutting it. I know that there must be some decent 
>> low/no cost alternatives (we're a non-profit so no cost to us means more 
>> money to our charities).
>> Some specs: We're running php/mySql on OS X client (my boss got that 
>> instead of Server because of the aforementioned money issue) with an 
>> apache server. I'm the admin for this and my knowledge is fairly 
>> limited, I've looked at the PEAR::mail package but can't quite get it to 
>> work.
> Great software:
> http://www.phplist.com/
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Thanks Mark, I'll give it a look.

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