[thelist] Elements of a Web page?

Fred D Yocum fdy at mcc.org
Fri Oct 20 11:23:16 CDT 2006

I also got a lot out of Krug's book. Krug is primarily focussing on 
usability. I wonder whether the Web has evolved enough to have fixed 
elements which we expect on a given page, or if on a page, in a particular 
place? For instance, contact information always at the bottom of the page. 
Primary navigational links along the top or the left side? 

A book designer has a very fixed paradigm to work within. The binding of a 
book is on the left  (in left to right languages). Table of contents. 
Title page. Descriptors on each page which identify the book ( title or 
chapter title). Page numbers. Section/Chapters always start on a right 
facing page. When designing a book ,you have a large number of choices but 
limited to a few areas, paper, binding type, typeface etc.

There are no User Interface designers for books or magazines The use of 
them has become fixed through thousands of years -- has the  concepts of 
what a Web is gelled enough to have a fixed elements or will that ever 

>On this topic I recommend a book titled "Don't Make Me Think!" by
>Steve Krug.  It's short and to the point, and an excellent resource
>on web interface design.

>Me, too. As good as any book on the subject.

Frederick D Yocum, Graphic Designer

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