[thelist] IIS Directory Security Inheritance

Robert Gormley robert at pennyonthesidewalk.com
Fri Oct 20 19:13:46 CDT 2006

Thanks for your help, Ken - I was too busy focusing on the front end
until you mentioned the log files and I discovered all hits being
intercepted by that DLL.

Now, here's a question, because I'm not a Sharepoint guru -

We can exclude paths, that's good - but what is really desired is a nice
entry page that redirects to the Sharepoint portal - is it possible to
exclude a single page? If not, so be it - my solution as it stands now
is that the entry page will run on http, as the application runs on

I know it could be done by modifying the Sharepoint portal, but while
these kind of tweaks are okay to get something "that's been bugging
them", there's zero chance of them considering altering a mission
critical extranet just for an aesthetic tweak. As is always the case. ;)


> Sorry - I've been on the road, so unable to follow the thread.
> Sharepoint (WSS, Portal, etc) implements its own internal 
> security mechanisms
> - you defined authors, browsers, administrators etc within Sharepoint.
> Sharepoint uses an ISAPI filter to intercept all incoming 
> HTTP requests to "extended" websites, and routes them through 
> its own internal security system. As you've discovered, you 
> can have Sharepoint ignore certain requests (and have them 
> handled through the normal IIS processing pipeline) if you 
> add them as "excluded" paths (or remove the Sharepoint 
> extensions from the website altogether)
> Cheers
> Ken

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