[thelist] Live Streaming Video Services

Nan Harbison nanharbison at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 22 06:55:20 CDT 2006

We use hipcast.com, which is pretty reasonably priced and easy to use. You
upload your video or audio in your account there, and then you can show it
on your own website. I am not sure this is what you are looking for, but if
you want to see an example of what it looks like, I will send you a link to
one of our sites using it.


Subject: Re: [thelist] Live Streaming Video Services

Scott Mailing List wrote:
> Can someone suggest a live video streaming service provider?  I'm 
> trying to setup a video feed for a sporting event that will happen 
> next year 1 weekend every month...
> I'd also like to have the video feed through a flash interface so that 
> I won't have to worry about the whole window media player vs quicktime 
> vs real player vs everything else.

There's a list of larger video hosting services here... very helpful in
handling popularity spikes:

And lots of tips, case studies, examples of working with Flash Video here:


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