[thelist] need a sanity check - browser or code?

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Sun Oct 22 09:18:24 CDT 2006

Problem seemingly solved - combination of variables. 

I finally figured out that the root cause was a bad/corrupt image.  
Firefox dealt with it.  My windows pc was recently reinstalled, still 
vanilla, no service pack updates.  I'm guessing that one of the updates 
might address this problem, but I'd rather see it fail for me, than my 
client's customers.  The really odd thing about this bug/problem is that 
once IE hit that bad image that subsequent pages, even the image 
directory itself,  were faulted and I had to restart IE to clean up the 
mess. Renaming, moving (switching with a good one) the bad image proved 
its guilt.

 Bob Meetin wrote:
> In IE (6) I visit the About Us page of a shopping cart I am 
> configuring.  Page loads fine.  I visit alternate pages (not the 
> shopping cart itself), and they load fine.  If I visit the cart page, 
> some of the same images (categories) refuse to load.  After having 
> visited the main cart page,  all pages now start having problems loading 
> images.
> -Bob

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