[thelist] Using PHP to read and cache XML feed

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: Basically I'm checking if a file exists, if it doesn't I create it and
: write data to it from an external XML file located on the National
: Weather Service's site. If it does exist, I check to see if it is an
: hour or more old, and if it is I overwrite it with new data. If not, I
: use the existing file.
: Currently I'm just doing an XSL transformation on the XML file, but I
: may try to step through it in PHP and output it that way.
: I may also try to implement caching of the data once it is local, since
: it will get called over and over again and the data only changes once
: per hour.
: So, in looking over the code I have below, is there a better way to do
: it, or anything that I have missed?

There is a PEAR class that will do all that you want, including caching..
written specifically for transformation of  airport weather reports

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