[thelist] look and feel compromises

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Mon Oct 23 12:39:38 CDT 2006

for those of you who create the look and feel of websites and write the
code as well, how often and to what degree do you find yourself
compromising the look you wanted because of coding issues?

and I guess for those of you on one side or the other, how strongly do
you feel about having your design 'modified' for coding reasons, or
spending more time/effort/whatever coding something so it looks the way
the designer wanted it to?

I'm in a state of flux right now, and keep envisioning designs I can't
create without tables and goofy things I'd prefer not to do on my own
sites. My internal dialog is about whether I settle for a design that's
not exactly what I want until my skills come up to speed, or leave the
ugly messes I've currently got until I can do exactly what I want. I'm
not sure if that's a question or not :)



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