[thelist] shopping cart - secure or not

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Tue Oct 24 09:48:08 CDT 2006

I'm still working on getting this  shopping cart right (at least I 
figured out the corrupt image problem)

The admintool of the shopping cart program, digishop, allows you to 
define a secure folder.  It is configured to "shop/secure", with /shop 
being the folder where the program is installed

When I was troubleshooting the image loading problem (now resolved), I 
changed to paths to the fully qualified 
https://www.example.com/secure from /secure, also the 

/shop/secure/images/design/m34.gif (an example image)


Should this even matter?

I am no longer getting any domain mismatch errors once get to the see 
pages, however the client last night complained that he was.  I was 
'wondering' if maybe it could be a cache problem for him.  I could use a 
sanity check.  It would be helpful if someone would be willing to visit 
the site and:

1) select a category
2) select a sub-category
3) select a product
4) select to Add to cart
5) opt to Checkout

That will get you to the "Checkout - Login" page which  should be 
secure.  Any errors?  Domain mismatch popup window, anything?

Please do not go any further as the checkout payment stuff is live.  
Also, reply off list is fine.


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