[thelist] Anchor tags in FF not working

Peter Wakeford pwakeford at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 10:36:06 CDT 2006

Hi Ben,

Yes the problem is with the location anchors under the map.  When you click 
on say "Michigan" the browser scrolls to Alabama instead of Michigan in the 
contact information below the state lists.  This is happening for all the 
links I click on. Strange thing is I'm also using FF XP.

Any ideas?


>> Is there any problem with anchor tags in Firefox?  I don't seem to 
>> remember
>> there being any issues with them.
>> However, with the following site we inherited the anchor tags only work 
>> in
>> IE and not FF.  Any reason for this happening?
>> The site is:
>> http://quikrete.designstudioone.com/OnTheJob/Locations.aspx
> Are you asking with regards to the location anchors underneath the map
> in the middle column?
> If so, they worked fine for me in firefox XP
> ben
> -- 
> Ben Morrison

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