[thelist] Anchor tags in FF not working

Lee kowalkowski lee.kowalkowski at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 25 10:59:44 CDT 2006

On 25/10/06, Peter Wakeford <pwakeford at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is there any problem with anchor tags in Firefox?  I don't seem to remember
> there being any issues with them.
> However, with the following site we inherited the anchor tags only work in
> IE and not FF.  Any reason for this happening?
> The site is:
> http://quikrete.designstudioone.com/OnTheJob/Locations.aspx

I assume you mean the destination anchors that use URI fragment
identifiers (e.g. #name).  They are working fine for me in Firefox.

Some of your anchors contain paragraph elements, which isn't allowed
in HTML, one of your anchors straddles a few element's closing tags.
See if fixing these helps.

Although the HTML spec defines the name attribute as type cdata, it
also says you can use the id attribute for the same purpose, and the
id attribute is of type "name" (confusing!), which must start with an
alphabetic character.  So perhaps another thing to try is to rename
the anchors, besides #alabama is much more meaningful than #1.


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