[thelist] Flash Rollover Alternative

Tony Grimes thelist at tonygrimes.com
Thu Oct 26 13:06:36 CDT 2006

I was just hired to finish a website started by another designer who used
Flash for the nav bar. I'd rather use XHTML/CSS. Does anyone know how I can
create a standards compliant version of this rollover:


I'm thinking of using an animated gif as the background, but I don't know
how to create it. Is there a program that will convert a movie like that
into a gif? I don't even want to think about creating that manually in

And before you ask, the client is adamant that the rollover stay the way it
is. He doesn't care if I use Flash or not, just as long as it looks the same
(or just as flashy I guess), but I'd like to avoid using Flash if possible.

Thanks in advance,

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