[thelist] Website Name Registry Scam?

Nan Harbison nanharbison at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 27 10:00:02 CDT 2006

The article about this does not say where this is happening. I search for
and register domain names on godaddy all the time, and this has never
happened that I know of. Sometimes a client finds a domain name is available
sends me an email and then I buy it, usually at least a half hour later.
However, my client's email address is disclosed because I am in his godaddy
account, which has an email address attached.
Maybe we need to check on the availability of a domain name BEFORE logging
in to godaddy, that way these shady companies have no way to contact us,
which should take away the incentive to steal the name.

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> Has anyone heard anything about this scam where you search for a name 
> for your potential site and then within minutes the name you searched 
> for is bought by another company?  You then receive an email asking 
> you if you want to purchase the name from them.  This fortunately did 
> not happen to me, but is happening to a lot of people.  Might be a 
> good thing to check out if you are looking to find a name for a site 
> or your name expires soon.  Its amazing how deep this scam really 
> gets.  You can find some info at 
> http://www.jobooyah.com/Soundoff_Weekly_Rant.htm
Who discloses their email address whilst searching for domain names?  I


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