[thelist] Adobe Apollo - Flash meets the desktop

Jose Hurtado jlhurtado at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 16:53:42 CDT 2006


A few days ago Adobe announced Apollo, the latest technology to create Rich
Internet Applications.

They would be based on Flash, using a language similar to JavaScript
(ActionScript 3) and an IDE like enviroment called Flex 2.

The really cool things about are:

- Your skills in HTML / AJAX would still work since Apollo would render
those natively
- Your Flash skills would be very welcome
- Your Javascript skills would feel right at home, since Actionscript is
very similar
- Finally your app will behave like an app, with access to the filesystem,
the web, and it would run in Windows, Mac an Linux, from a single source!

Add to all that, the fact that the plugin would be free, it is light,
similar to Flash, and it can even run using Eclipse and a Plugin.

So, my question to the Evolt developers are:

- What would you use it for?
- What about AJAX?  How would Apollo affect it?
- What about MS Net 2 and Vista development tools?  This looks like direct

Here are some detailed links about the technology, available for download in
beta state:


Jose L. Hurtado
Web Developer / IT Security
Toronto, Canada

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