[thelist] Previous Page - refresh issue

A Maynes andrew at milords.com
Mon Oct 30 03:50:27 CST 2006

I have a quirky issue which could be javascript, could be browser
related or could be GET PHP/MySQL 

I have changed the htaccess for magic quotes off.

Two different sites/ domains use the same navigation system drop down
select menu and populated menus from tables within MySQL DB 

On the fin select a numbe rof records are produced. If a record is
clicked further information is displayed.  If you want to return to the
'previous page' click the link 'previous page' to see the reslut again.
On one site this works fine.  On the other site is doesn't work!  I
can't for the love of god find why this is occurring.  Any ideas off the
top of heads?


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