[thelist] PHP/MySQL host setting

Max Schwanekamp lists at neptunewebworks.com
Mon Oct 30 13:06:47 CST 2006

> From: Brooking, John  
>    In all my work with PHP/MySQL so far (a few years now), 
> I've always provided 'localhost' as the hostname argument in 
> the mysql_connect call.
> This is not only on my local development machine, but also at 
> the ISP's I've used (two different ones). I am now working 
> with an ISP who does not seem to know what to tell me to use, 
> and 'localhost' is not working, nor is '' nor is the 
> DNS name of the host ('www.thercc.org').
> He now wants to go beyond the initial setup fee and charge an 
> hour of labor (USD 85) to help me discover the answer.

LOL, if the ISP cannot even tell you what address to use for MySQL for your
account, do you think their installation of MySQL is up-to-date and secure?
Forget it, get a new host.  Lunarpages.com, InmotionHosting.com and
DreamHost.com are good alternatives.

Max Schwanekamp

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