[thelist] german css articles

Matthias Willerich matthias at die-legendaeren.de
Tue Oct 31 08:56:55 CST 2006

Hello everyone,
I'm currently working on a site that gives an overview about what to look
out for when starting a web project, for mid-sized german companies. While
the content as such is pretty much set in stone (based on a brochure), I'm
looking for CSS related articles I could link to. They need to fulfil the
a) they should be written in german.
b) they should tell the reader what CSS as such is, in a non-technical way
c) tell the reader why CSS is the future and table layouts the past
d) in particular: different output media, maybe briefly touching on

I'm a bit out of touch with german web developers, but I know there's plenty
of you around here. No major research necessary (I'll do that anyway), but
if one of you has a link to spare, that would be nice.


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