[thelist] Liquid design in reverse??

Flavia Tarzwell (FayeC) ftarzwell at fayec.com
Thu Nov 2 05:32:26 CST 2006

Our group (within the corporation) designs sites for the various 
departments. We handle both intranet and public sites and from time to 
time we are required to design headers and footers for internal 
This time around we were requeted to design headers and footers for an 
external vendor's application and the specs were:
"Header: width:820px Height: 127px (plan for clipping at 800px)"
My coworker is in charge of this project and she has tried to explain to 
the person in charge of this project that the width should be actually 
less than 800px since a lot of the users (we have tons of old monitors 
kicking around) are using 800X600 and that the header will be cutoff  at 
around 780px if you count on having scrollbars and that they are using IE.
They don't understand it and they want the header to have 820px period 
and that to "plan for clipping" at 800".
Is there a way to create a liquid design that will be 820px by default 
and then shrink to 780 graciously depending on the user's resolution?
I have created liquid designs that do the oposite....are great at 780px 
and expand graciously to whatever the screen width is....
No idea on how to achieve the oposite....

Thanks in advance,


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