[thelist] Urgently looking for a new server

Miss B bcbass at prodigy.net
Sun Nov 5 17:25:21 CST 2006

Hey Christian:

I'm mainly a lurker here, but felt I could respond to this query.

I've been using DreamHost for about a year and half now, and except for 
two problems, the first last summer (2005) that was not their fault, and 
one earlier this year that they themselves accidentally caused.  They 
posted about in great detail in their blog 
(http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/), which honesty I found greatly 
refreshing in a web host.  They are going to be moving their server farm 
to a new facility in the near future, with more space for more hardware, 
which will mean better, faster service for their customers.

I don't know how much actual disk space you need, but their smallest 
plan has 200GB of space (increased weekly by 1GB), and 2TB monthly 
bandwidth (increased weekly by 16GB).  I have their Level 3 plan which 
has 400GB of space and 4TB monthly bandwidth.

All accounts come with unlimited MySql Databases, unlimited domains, 
unlimited subdomains and unlimited domain forwarding or mirroring, PHP4, 
PHP5 (though set as FastCGI if that matters to you or not).  Oh, and 
there's a bunch of one-click installs available too.

As far as their support team goes, I have never had to wait more than 30 
to 40 mins. for a response, and if it needs to be kicked up to a Level 2 
problem, they notify you that it will take longer to get the problem 
fixed/query answered.  The only drawback may be that they only have 3 
free phone support contacts per month, but I have yet had to have them 
contact me by phone, as their support staff has been extremely thorough 
and helpful via email.

You can check out their 4 hosting plans here --->  
http://dreamhost.com/hosting.html.  If you decide to go with DreamHost, 
please feel free to contact me off list, as I have a referral code link 
you can use.

Sorry I don't have any input about MediaTemple.  I've seen numerous 
sites that are hosted with them, but I don't have any first-hand 
experience with them.


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--------original message--------

> I am finally annoyed with my hosting service of my sites and wondered
> what to choose. What are your thoughts on
> 1) Dreamhost
> 2) Mediatemple GS
> My sites get roughly together about 500k visits a month and cause a
> 24GB of traffic. I need PHP, MySQL and responsiveness and availability
> are my main concerns.

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