[thelist] Installing browsers for testing?

Micky Hulse micky at ambiguism.com
Sun Nov 5 19:52:12 CST 2006


I have seen a few different sites that talk about installing multiple 
versions of IE[01], and Firefox[02]... all seem a bit of work and 
obviously hackish... but if that is what it takes, I am willing to give 
it a shot.

Anyway, what do you do to test on older versions of IE/Firefox/other 
browsers/platforms (besides online services like browsercam.com)?

Actually, I am really curious to know your full setup for testing... 
What do you have installed and how did you go about setting things up?

I just upgraded to IE7 via automatic updates and was planning on 
installing the stand-alone version as described via link [01] below.

Any advice, input, and/or experience you can share would be great. I 
just want to make sure that I go about this right without messing-up my 



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