[thelist] Installing browsers for testing?

Noah St. Amand noah at tookish.net
Mon Nov 6 11:20:19 CST 2006

kasimir-k wrote (11/6/06 4:21 AM):
> The best and easiest way is to use a virtual machine. Microsoft's 
> Virtual PC[1] is free, check out also VMWare[2] and Parallels[3]. YOu 
> might also find Wikipedia's VM comparison[4] interesting.
> With virtual machines you can easily have many OS/browser combinations. 
> Eg. you could have Win98 with IE4 and NS4.7, one W2K with IE5.5 and 
> other with IE6 etc.

One caveat, though: while Virtual PC is free, I think you need to have a 
separate license for each version of Windows running in virtual 
machines. So in order to be able to test in IE 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, and 7.0, 
you need four separate Windows licenses.

Here's a reference for this:


Or as HTML, thanks to Google:



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