[thelist] site speed

Paul Bennett Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz
Mon Nov 6 16:49:46 CST 2006

Hi Bob,

Interesting considerations.
Are you having trouble convincing clients to redesign, or are you trying to sell optimisation as a specific service?

Something which may help - Turn off images and show them how a search engine will 'see' the site (crude but effective)

Also, the site I work on is 143Kb with css, html, scripts and images. It is very 'designed', uses tables for layout (I'm working on it ok..) and around 40K of the hp weight is in an awful legacy navigation script that uses browser code forking, document.write and noscript to accomplish its "magic" *cough*.

It is a little heavy and I hope to get it down to ~100Kb with better scripts and semantic markup.

The upshot to all this? It loads in under the magic '10 seconds' over a (barely) 56Kb connection, and once the css is cached the rest of the site is fine and each page loads quickly.

My feeling is that a target of 50Kb as 'optimized' is a great thing to write in a book, but it may not be as relevant for many real-world websites.



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