[thelist] SEO Proposal

Mark A. MacInnes mark.macinnes at awakeanddreaming.net
Tue Nov 7 05:32:00 CST 2006


One of my clients has just received a proposal from an SEO company. They 
have no experience of SEO whatsoever and I, and my colleagues, only know 
some fairly general points about SEO. One of the points in the proposal 
is extremely worrying to us:

- Create a high number of (80+) websites to create reciprocal links to 
the company website

Now I remember reading that Google finds this type of thing basically 
evil and that Google banishes websites from its index when it finds 
companies doing this. Unfortunately, I can't find any links that prove this.

Does anyone have any experience of this or indeed know for sure if this 
is the case?

Thanks in advance!


- Awake & Dreaming -

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