[thelist] Managing your code snippets....

Rob O'Rourke rob at sanchothefat.com
Tue Nov 7 07:33:35 CST 2006

Chris Ditty wrote:
> Hi all.  I have been a web programmer for several years and have amassed a
> large number of code snippets.  PHP, Perl, ASP, Cold Fusion, etc etc...  I
> was wondering how everyone manages their snippets.  Do you use some 3rd
> party program or web app?
> I currently use Dreamweaver and have my snippets stored there.  However, I
> am about to start with a new company shortly and I don't know if I will be
> given Dreamweaver to work with.  In the past, I have used various programs
> but I have yet to find one that is worth using for long term.
> I'm open to anything.  Lately, I have been thinking of using a Wiki system,
> but I haven't made the jump yet.
> Any ideas/thoughts?
> Thanks

Hi Chris,

You could try out the eclipse IDE (http://www.eclipse.org), It's a nice 
development environment and worth getting used to. You can download 
Aptana as an extension (or as a standalone) at http://www.aptana.com 
which has xhtml css and javascript labrary auto-complete goodness all 
built in (comes with rico, prototype, YahooUI, Mochikit etc...) . You 
can manage code snippets with one of the ready supplied user scripts 
they have. For a better explanation check out the screencasts on 

You can extend eclipse further to incorporate the php ide, ruby, 
radrails etc... and then just jump between environments in the one program.

Alternatively you could add them all to 
http://www.bigbold.com/snippets/, a nice online code snippets repository.

Rob O

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