[thelist] Payment gateway for a non-profit?

info at sumeet.name info at sumeet.name
Tue Nov 7 10:21:56 CST 2006

Max Schwanekamp wrote:
> On the topic of payment gateways -- Aside from PayPal, does anyone happen to
> know of a good solution to use for a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to
> accept online payments?  At this point, the typical setup fee + 2.5%/txn +
> more fees rate has stopped the organization from using online payments for
> donations and such.
> Google gives lots of hits of course, but I'm wondering if someone has a
> specific recommendation.  The main criteria are simply minimal costs and
> maximum reliability.  It can be a true gateway or a hosted payment service a
> la 2Checkout.  
> TIA!
try moneybookers.com


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