[thelist] File button

Daniel Kessler danielk at umd.edu
Tue Nov 7 12:56:04 CST 2006

ok, thanks everyone.

I wasn't trying to change which file they uploaded.  There are files  
associated with a Note through a relational database and if they  
wished to change which files are associated with the note then I was  
giving them that chance.  Sure I can display a "current files"  
section and I do that already but since they had uploaded using that  
button, I had wished to show it in the same area for consistency.   
Users are smartest when things are consistent.

Now I know that it isn't doable and while I hadn't thought it was,  
now I know.

thank you.

> You can't preset the value of a file upload field, or change the value
> with JavaScript, for security reasons.
> I usually just put a link to the current file just below the file  
> upload
> field - lets the user know there's already a file there, and lets them
> view it if need be.


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