[thelist] SEO Proposal

Craig Cook craigcook at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 22:45:57 CST 2006

Did your client contact the SEO company and ask for this proposal, or
did it come unsolicited? If some SEO company simply cold-called and
offered their services, they're probably shady and not to be trusted
(as if being an SEO company in the first place wasn't shady enough).
These people troll registrar whois databases and harvest unqualified
leads wherever they can.

And yes, they are clearly talking about building an illegitimate
linkfarm, which good search engines do not tolerate. It's a successful
trick in the short term simply because it's difficult to detect
automatically (and search spammers know all the tricks to make it
undetectable). Any boost in rankings will be short lived, just until
you get caught and banned. Eventually your client's site would
disappear from search results and their company would lose

Sleazy SEO is hurting the web. You should urge your client *very
strongly* NOT to engage the services of this company.

Craig, www.focalcurve.com

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