[thelist] captcha ideas

trevor trevor at intospace.ca
Thu Nov 9 17:42:39 CST 2006

hi all

just regarding captcha ideas, since having questions in a specific language 
is an accessibility problem,  what about doing something like matching one 
column to another, like  one picture  of a cat to another picture of a cat, 
so the only answer could be A=C  or  something like that....kinda like the 
old "find the matches" puzzles where you  draw a line to the matching items 
in two columns

 as far as how to handle this for screen readers, hmmmm......maybe matching 
sounds that go with the pictures?  not sure, but maybe something is possible 
along this line.

 as far as including people with cognitive disorders......there's a real 
challenge there, that's for sure.

 all the best, trevor

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