[thelist] CMS Recommendations for IIS Server

Kimberley Rivero kimberley.rivero at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 18:04:07 CST 2006

Steve - I believe that I did specify ASP.NET in my original post,
sorry if didn't make that clear in my later responses (I made a
conscious decision not to repeat myself for fear of becoming
annoying).  I'm glad to hear that Joomla can run on IIS but for this
client I think anything PHP-based is out.  However, I will bring this
up when I meet with them next.

Thanks again for all the help, Kim
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On 11/9/06, Steve Lewis <nepolon at worlddomination.net> wrote:
> Kimberley Rivero wrote:
> > Steve - That's good to know, thanks.  I don't think I'm going to
> > convince them to install PHP but I will mention it to them.  Their
> > servers are running a very large reservation system and I very much
> > doubt I can do much to dictate my server environment.
> A good reminder.  PHP is reasonably widely used in IIS environments.  I
> didn't blink when I saw the recommendation to Joomla.  Only when you
> answered did it occur to me to question what you meant by asking for
> recommendations for IIS Server.  That probably implies you are looking
> for an ASP/.NET solution.
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