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Steven Streight steven.streight at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 23:04:14 CST 2006

The Blogger dot com software platform has a captcha for both comments on my
blog, and, recently added, for my own posts to my blog.

Blogger has a series of letters, often very hard to read, but they also have
wheelchair icon that links to an audio captcha of a voice reading numbers
(rather than letters, if I remember correctly), for blind or low vision

On 11/9/06, trevor <trevor at intospace.ca> wrote:
> just regarding captcha ideas, since having questions in a specific
> language
> is an accessibility problem,  what about doing something like matching one
> column to another, like  one picture  of a cat to another picture of a
> cat,
> so the only answer could be A=C  or  something like that....kinda like the
> old "find the matches" puzzles where you  draw a line to the matching
> items
> in two columns
> as far as how to handle this for screen readers, hmmmm......maybe matching
> sounds that go with the pictures?  not sure, but maybe something is
> possible
> along this line.
> as far as including people with cognitive disorders......there's a real
> challenge there, that's for sure.
> all the best, trevor
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