[thelist] area in showing differently in safari

Daniel Kessler danielk at umd.edu
Mon Nov 13 10:08:00 CST 2006

I am editing a website created by another person with a columned  
layout (http://eatsmart.umd.edu/index_brian2.cfm).  In safari, the  
area under the What's New section (under survey) and the area under  
Today's Poll are green and I want it to be white.  In FF-mac/pc and  
IE pc, they're white.  I have a 5 pixel image (currently with a  
border for debugging to better see it) with it's background set to  
green because I there is supposed to be a 5 pixel green border.  I  
suppose I'd like the main text box and the poll box to extend all the  
way except 5 pixels from the bottom.  I know this is because of the  
height of the column on the right.

any help?


Daniel Kessler

College of Health and Human Performance
University of Maryland
Suite 2387 Valley Drive
College Park, MD  20742-2611
Phone: 301-405-2545

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