[thelist] Link management software

steve.brown at dpi.nsw.gov.au steve.brown at dpi.nsw.gov.au
Mon Nov 13 16:49:34 CST 2006

Hi all,

Im looking for a product to help manage my websites. 

It needs to: 

1. be able to spider a very large website (with multiple domain names) and 
find broken links in both HTML and PDF documents. 
2. be a downloadable product (as we have to test our intranet as well).

It would also be nice if it could:

1. check Word and Excel documents for broken links.
2. be useful in the following situation: "I am about to remove Page X from 
my website.  Tell me all the pages, PDFs etc that point to page X on my 
websites (and on other websites) so that I can get on to fixing them 
BEFORE I remove the page."  This can probably be done using google but 
thats not so helpful for our intranet.

Have any of you used any products that can do all this? 

Thanks for you help,


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