[thelist] Bug tracking

Megan Holbrook meganwh at wi.rr.com
Mon Nov 13 17:07:10 CST 2006

Paul Bennett wrote:

>>Right now I'm looking at Flyspray and Mantis.  Anyone have other specific
>  > suggestions?

> The interface wasn't great, although it's been a few years so it may have improved.

Nope, Mantis' interface is still a bit of a dog, but it's fairly 

We also like PloneCollectorNG when we're working on Plone/Zope-based 
projects, and are just about to embark on starting to use dotproject for 
internal project management which comes with its own (very basic) ticket 
tracking system.

Personally, I think Flyspray looks pretty good (especially like the 
progress bar for each item), but we've never used it.


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