[thelist] Web Page Response Times....

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Mon Nov 13 21:03:58 CST 2006

Regarding the other discussion, I didn't really get any solid feeding on 
response times.  I 'guessed' when I said 4 seconds as the patience 
factor for high speed connections.  8-10 seconds might be acceptable for 
modem users or even more if they are in dire need of the content.  I 
looked at a site the other day, the audience should be a range of local 
viewers (small local biz).  Currently the home page is over 900K, mostly 
due to 2 images (one a transitional .gif of over 500k).  Seems 
borderline for broadband and impossible for modem.  No median, no 
balance.     -Bob

Anthony Baratta wrote:
> There was a discussion about page response times. I thought the information timely. But all industry style white papers should be taken with large grains of salt.
>> umm...
>> could it be due to this being the biz that akamai is in!!! ie, the serving
>> up of content pages.
>> this is also due to a far larger number of people having faster net
>> connections via dsl/cable/broadband connections.
>> peace...

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