[thelist] web site check please

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Tue Nov 14 08:24:10 CST 2006

I'm not knowledgable of the Yahoo YUI library, so excuse me if this 
sounds redundant.  With CSS you can certainly display either  an image 
or tooltip over the mug to the right.  To display a combination may 
require either javascript or server side scripting, but this would be 
cool.  You can give a free text field and have them see their text on 
the mug. Build then display.  Then as the customer makes a choice, 
capture the choice and add to the cart.  -Bob

Then Hershel Robinson wrote:
> When I click on a mug template, it would be FAR better to see the 
> template (A,B,C,D or whatever it is) on the mug itself. That would be 
> clearer.
> hershel
> Sales @ Lycosa wrote:
>> Could you all take a look at my latest site design please? I am particularly
>> interested in your thoughts on my interactive mug design application.
>> http://www.kirkholmecollectables.co.uk/design-mug.htm 
>> Have a play, and see if you can break it!
>> Any bugs, errors, comments and feedback is welcome.
>> Thanks.
>> Phil Parker
>> Lycosa Web Services Ltd
>> http://www.lycosa.co.uk

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