[thelist] ldap

steve miller steve at dinnys.com
Tue Nov 14 10:37:08 CST 2006

Hi all.

I have a very general question because I am not exactly sure what I  
am asking!

I have a client who has a MS desktop tool that he uses to query his  
MS Active Directory for contact info, devices, printers, etc. We are  
trying to develop a web-based tool (php) to do the same thing, but we  
can only seem to access certain info in certain levels of the  
directory tree. For example, when we use his tool to do a search with  
this filter:


we get results. But if I try using this same filter in a web-based  
search query, we get errors like "bad filter" and no results.

So, his question to me was "Is it possible to do a direct ldap query  
to a public folder through a browser?" He thinks it may not be due to  
some MS security issue.

Does this question make any sense?
Does anyone know the answer, or could help me understand the issue  
enough to solve our problem?

Thanks for any guidance,

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