[thelist] Accessing an Access Link Table

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Nov 15 09:48:20 CST 2006

Hi Folks,

Got some test data late yesterday afternoon ... an 87Mb zip file.  The
zip file contains a 115Mb MS Access 'mdb' file and two (roughly 1Gb
each) text files.  The text files are structured as 'link files' within
Access.  I'm not an Access wizard so I can't tell you exactly what that
means - but when I open Access I can get into the db and see the data in
those 'link files', so things actually seem to be working as designed.

However, as I mentioned, I'm not an Access wizard.

I managed to stumble my way through setting up a system dns this morning
and almost managed to establish connectivity to the data so that I can
play with it using tools other than Access.  I can see all of the tables
in the mdb.  I can query them and view the data.  Unfortunately, I have
zero visibility to those two 'link tables' and they are, of course, the
ones I really need to work with.

Any clues on how I get visibility, (outside of learning and using
Access), to these 'link tables' ... Or how I could turn them into 'real'
tables cuz it looks like I can access those okay?

Thanks Much!


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