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It's better to say that you'll provide intranet tools that are customized or
customizable to client's specific needs, than to say "we're anxious to learn
about your business". Many companies prefer to work with providers who
already are insightful about specific business fields and operations.

I would look at competitive intranet tools providers, see how they talk to
prospects, see what you like and dislike about their approach, then develop
your unique style and presentation, with awareness of what others are doing.

Determine what SEO keywords are most used to find your type of intranet
services. Don't sprinkle those SEO words in opportunistically, in a forced
and stilted manner, but write your web text with SEO in mind.

Think: "What objections would a typical prospect have when reading our

Gather some users and do some user observation tests. I'm not hyping my
services, but in the sidebar to my blog, I have a free report on how to set
up user observation tests and suggested forms to use pre- and post-test.
Hope that helps you.

On 11/15/06, Hassan Schroeder <hassan.schroeder at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 11/14/06, Steven Streight <steven.streight at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Re-ponder why any company would give a rat's ass about an intranet
> anyway.
> > For example, why not use a firewalled internal blog, or wiki?
> In the interests of clarity: an "intranet" is a TCP-IP-based network not
> publicly accessible, i.e. behind a firewall; the word specifies nothing
> about what information-sharing facilities are available.
> Companies have had intranets since long before the Web.
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