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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Nov 15 14:37:41 CST 2006

Joel D Canfield asked for a site check on ...


Hi Joel,

Well ... I like the name!  ;-)

I think the tab onmouseover effect is a tad too subtle however.  Maybe
add another color that you could use there and to punch up the pictures?

The 'white box text', (e.g. "It is said that knowledge is power"),
starts too high up for me.  I feel there is too much white space below
this text - separating it from the 'boxed off text' and not enough white
space above it.  I think a little more space above would add emphasis to
the text as well as to the tabbed menu items.

Neat random picture effect!  I'm not sure if it adds to the design, but
it is kinda 'geeky cool'!  ;-)

I know you are playing with the typography in the 'boxed off text' ...
But it doesn't really jump out to me that it has changed when I change
tabs.  Maybe more colorful selected tab shading would help, or a header
'boxed off text' line saying "Tools", "Company Background", "Why Me O
Lord?", etc. Something like that.

Interesting selection of examples.  They seem to straddle what I might
think of as three different application areas; Business operations, IT
operations, and Training/HR.  Perhaps a reorganization along those
categories would allow more of a focused 'deep dive'?  Lets take the
PurchReq example for a minute.  Being able to enter purchase reqs in an
electronic fashion can be a big time and cost saver ... But it's not
real sexy ... By itself it doesn't grab attention and make the sale -
until you bring out the summary reports by division, the week over week
/ year over year delta reports, the trend line charts by commodity, etc.
I think you might better 'seed' client imagination by showing things
like the capacity to drill down into the data to a specific sku, to a
specific buyer, or supplier.  When you show someone that the West Coast
buys 80% of their widgets from Acme and the East Coast division buys 75%
of their widgets from ABC then you can talk about cost savings through
consolidation - savings directly attributable to your 'intranet
intelligence'.  And that's Good Stuff!  ;-)

Have Fun and Good Luck!


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