[thelist] Basic cms with 'page review' options

Paul Bennett Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz
Wed Nov 15 19:52:14 CST 2006

Hi all,

The market is so crowded in this area (open source and paid solutions) that I thought I'd try here first.
We have a large site which we manage via hand coding. We also have any people assigned to review pages at various times (monthly, quarterly, biannually, annually) with 2 editors taking care of the actual updating (i.e.: we don't need to devolve content editing to the masses yet - and it's unlikely we will in the near future).

We need the following*:
Some kind of package which leaves the site source code well enough alone but:
- emails page reviewers when a page review is due
- has some way of tracking whether they've looked at the page (i.e.: via a link in the email perhaps)
- allows us to alter who reviews a page, and the period of time between reviews.

Solution can be paid or free, but open source would be nice for possible extensibility.
* I realise it's a specific and unusual need, but I thought someone might be able to point me in the right direction....

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