[thelist] ASP hosting recommendations? Hostdepartment.com or other?

M. Seyon evolt07 at delime.com
Wed Nov 15 22:08:02 CST 2006


I've got an old ASP (classic) site that I need to host somewhere for a 
while. I'm currently paying $15/month at experthost.com but their level of 
professionalism has been a bit disappointing.

Minor things, really, but for example in their Control Panel they've got 
the word "Domains" misspelled and their support staff recently asked me for 
my password to resolve an issue that they really didn't need it for.

I've recently come across hostdepartment.com at $4.95/mo and seen some 
reviews, some positive, some not but really at that level of hosting what 
more can you expect right.

Wondering if anyone has any direct experience with these guys or can 
recommend something similar.

Because this is a pretty low priority site I don't want to spend more than 
$15/mo on hosting.


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